Remini AI Birthday Filters. Trending Feature of Remini

Photography has been completely changed. Since the evolution of AI, thousands of apps have become available that use AI algorithms to enhance and edit photos. Remini is one of these AI photo editing apps. The app has many filters, but the birthday filter is special.

What is the Remini AI Birthday Filter?

The Remini AI birthday filter is made for those who want to make their birthday memorable. You can convert any image into a birthday party picture using this filter. It also helps you to enhance your birthday pictures with the help of artificial intelligence.

When you import your images to the Remini AI Birthday filter, it analyzes your photo and adds birthday-related elements such as Happy Birthday text, balloons, and cake. It also gives you the freedom to customize every element in your picture.

Features of Remini AI Birthday Filter

Remini AI Birthday Filter has many features that you can use to make unique and lovely birthday pictures. Below are some features you can get with the Remini AI Birthday Filter.

Remove Background

This filter’s first and best feature lets you remove your image background and add any birthday theme. This can also help you when you forget to take photos at your birthday party, as it can add a birthday party theme to your typical image.

Overlay Elements

You can also add overlays like stickers, text, or any other photo to your image. By using overlays, you can make your photo more attractive and good-looking. You can add text like” happy birthday or something else that you want to your picture.


The Remini AI filter edits realistic images you can share with your family or friends. The birthday filter and effects look real. You can still take birthday party photos if you don’t even celebrate your birthday. After editing with the Remini AI filter, you can share it on your social media profiles like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

How To Create Images with Birthday Filters

  • Download the Remini app from the Play Store or App Store. Remini is available for both Android and iOS.
  • Install the app following the installation guide given on the Play Store.
  • Open the app and allow access to files.
  • A pop-up with terms and conditions will be shown on your screen. Make sure to read the terms and agree with them.
  • Now, after you agree with the terms and conditions, you will see three plans for Remini AI.
  • Ignore the premium plans, continue the free trial, or download the Remini Mod APK.
  • After setting up Remini APK on your mobile, navigate to the app’s filters and find the Birthday filter.
  • Import your images to the Remini Birthday filter and click the enhance button.
  • The birthday filter will be applied after you click on the enhance button. Now, enjoy editing and adding birthday elements to your pictures.

If you use the Remini Birthday filter for the first time, you will be amazed by its results. It gives you realistic birthday pictures that you didn’t even celebrate. The Remini AI birth ay filter is the best in the photography niche ever. You can surprise your friends and family by editing your photos with the birthday filter. Your friends or family will think it is an accurate picture of a birthday party.


The Remini AI birthday filter is a fantastic way to add birthday themes and elements to your pictures. It makes your standard photo look like a birthday party picture. You can use it as a fun way to surprise your friends.

Yes, You can use the Remini AI birthday filter on any of your photos, but it will be more effective on clear and HD photos.

No, it’s not available in the free version. You will need to purchase a subscription to use this feature.

Yes, it is 100% safe, as the official Remini app offers it.

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