Remini Web VS Remini App (Difference)

Still confused about which one to choose between Remini Web and Remini App? Let’s compare both and decide which one is better for your needs. Both apps are for editing, but for different purposes and on different devices. 

What is Remini Web?

Remini Web is like a trusty sidekick for your browser and desktop. It extends Remini’s capabilities without requiring you to transfer your precious pictures from your PC to your smartphone. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Editing Flexibility: Whether you’re a casual photo enthusiast or a professional, Remini Web has got you covered. It offers more flexibility for enhancing your videos and provides business accounts for commercial use.
  • AI Limitations: While Remini Web is powerful, the mobile app doesn’t yet have some AI-generated tools. Features like AI Photos or AI Filters are currently exclusive to the app.
  • Stay Tuned: The Remini team constantly works to enhance the Remini Web, so expect exciting updates and additional editing possibilities.

What is Remini App?

The Remini App is your pocket-sized photo wizard. Available for iOS and Android devices, it enhances and restores old photos. Here’s why you’ll love it:

  • Mobile Convenience: Snap a picture, enhance it instantly, and share it seamlessly. The app streamlines your editing process, making it perfect for spontaneous moments.
  • AI Magic: Remini App boasts AI-powered tools that transform ordinary photos into extraordinary ones. Say hello to AI Photos, AI Filters, and more!
  • User-Friendly: Its straightforward interface ensures that even beginners can enhance their mobile photos effortlessly.

Difference Between Remini Web and Remini App

  • Development: Remini Web and the mobile app are developed separately to address different needs.
  • Features: While both offer photo enhancement, Remini Web lacks certain AI features in the app.
  • Platform: Remini Web is specially made for desktops, and Remini App is for mobile phones.
  • User Friendliness: If you want to use Remini for professional purposes, then you should use Remini Web, as it is easier to use for business needs. The Remini app is better for editing and enhancing simple selfies and photos.

Similarities In Remini Web and Remini App

  • Both tools aim to enhance your media—whether it’s a cherished memory or a professional project.
  • Both require an internet connection to work their magic.
  • Both apps have the same editing features.
  • Both offer a free trial for new users.
  • The Remini app and Remini web are user-friendly and offer excellent customer support.
  • Both are developed by the same company, bending spoons.

Why Use Remini Web?

Remini Web offers a wide screen for photo editing and enhancement, which means you can see the minor edits you made to your photo. Remini is usually used for professional purposes, like enhancing e-commerce product images and banners. The best feature of Remini Web is that it allows you to upload larger image files. 

Why Use Remini App?

Remini App is used more than Remini Web because the Remini app is more convenient. You can use it anytime and anywhere, allowing you to edit your photos without any restrictions on place or time. 

Note: on mobile, you can get the mod version of the Remini app to use the premium features for free, but this facility is unavailable for Remini Web.

Pros and Cons of Remini Web

  • Desktop Convenience: Ideal for professional editing.
  • Business-Friendly: Business accounts are available.
  • AI Gap: Some AI features are lacking in the app.

Pros and Cons of the Remini App

  • Mobile Magic: Enhance photos on your phone anytime, anywhere.
  • AI Awesomeness: AI-powered tools elevate your mobile photography.
  • Basic Interface: Simplicity may limit advanced editing.


Choose wisely based on your needs. Remini Web is for desktop prowess, and Remini App is for mobile enchantment. Whichever you pick, your memories will thank you!

Yes, the bending spoons company officially offers Remini Web, which is 100% safe to use. Make sure to use only the official app.

Remini Web is specifically made for desktop users. you can enjoy editing on a desktop with a clear picture and editing interface.

You can use the Remini app on mobile, which means you can edit your image anywhere and at any time. It offers better AI features than Remini Web.

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